Nigeria Mission Fields

Mele-Muku mission field

The first mission work started at Mele-Muku, a village via Moniya in Akinyele local government area, Ibadan, Oyo state in 1989. A predominantly Muslim community now can boast of a good population as brethren and leaders within the fold.

Olanla mission field

Same translates with the Olanla community, in Akinyele local government, boasting of indigenes as leaders of the church in this mission field. Today the missionaries efforts have spread across the country and into other nations and continents across the world.

Baruba mission field

The mission work towards the Baruba people group in Nigeria was established in the year 2000AD. The work has experience many labourers but with relative growth in term of indigenous disciples

Akiplai mission field

Mission Field:Ogbia, Olobiri and Akiplai, 
People Group: Ijaw.
Language: Ogbia Ijaw
Religion: Christianity, Islamic and Animist.
Location: Ogbia town, Balyesa State.

Moba Mission Field

The passion of reaching the unreached at all cost moved our mission work across the Lagoon to the highland of Moba around 2006 & 2007 led by our father in the Lord Rev. Samson Ajetomobi. The work grew as Pastor Lawson Festus work as first residence missionary until the work was successfully handed over to Pastor Taiwo Ajayi. 2008 till date

Laleye mission field

Mission Field: Laleye/ Elekuru community
People Group: Yoruba
Language: Yoruba, Egede and English
Religion: Islamic, Idolatry and Christianity
Location: Akinyele LGA, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Gbongboru mission field

Gbongboru field is Muslim dominated area or village. But God used his servants; missionary so to say to discovered the field in the year 2007. Around That year, God used pastor Chris Ebenezer that was in Damera filed then to locate this field and he had a burden to reach out to the people in that land and to start a Church which God gave him and others missionaries then the grace to start a church among the people.