Beyond Public Life

Many Christians today are double faced and integrity seems to be a thing of the past. This book in your hand will help you to discover yourself in view and out of view.

It will also ignite the fire of holiness and righteousness in your life and Ministry.

The Spirituality of Ministry

The ministry we have received from God is very spiritual as it involves bringing the realities of God who is a spirit to the spirit of men.

This book in your hand is written to stir you up to base the ministry you have received on the supernatural.

The Light Bearers

Enclosed in this illuminating piece are revelations and eye opening insights into God’s mandate for every true child as the age draws to a close.

This book will enlighten and provoke your active participation in what God is doing in this age.

Running Well

Everyone is in a race. Not all know or have this understanding; those who are conscious of this are diligent with every step they take.

Athletes with winning attitudes are always informed of the kind and type of race they are in to.

New Strength for Living

Man is weak and frail in nature; therefore, the need for continuous drawing of strength to survive and flourish cannot be overemphasized.

It does not matter the position one finds himself or herself, there is a need for renewed strength continually.

This book is written to help you optimize this strength.

Securing your Spouse

This book will change you and your marriage for better, because it emanates from a burning desire to share my personal revelations, commitment, and experiences about the sacredness and sanctity of the marriage institution.

Carefully read this book with the commitment to change so that you can see yourself and be a better spouse.

The Prepared Bride

Every bride looks anxiously to the day of her wedding. However some detail preparations are required to make the bride fit to meet her groom without shame.

Understanding how a bride should prepare herself in words and deeds is one of the main thrust of this treasured book.


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